That subtle lie we all believe about leadership.

If I ever go into serious counseling, I’m pretty sure my 5th grade boy scout story would have some serious therapeutic implications.

The details are fuzzy but I remember feeling so empty and disappointed when that other kid was picked over me to be the boys scout leader.

Its not that I was super passionate about living the committed and sacrificial life of a 5th grade boys scout. I think deep down, I just wanted to be a leader.

I had this ‘thing’ in me that wanted to lead something or someone. I call it the 'leadership ‘thing’.

Do you mind if I talk to you about said ‘leadership thing’ real quick?

Yea? Good. You’re too kind. You won’t regret that decision. I promise.

But first just so we’re on the same page with who a leader is, I made a list of 5 people that I consider leaders. My hope is that in the very least you’re with me on more than half of this.

Alright lets go. Number 1 person I consider a leader...

1. President Obama.
Now there's a leader right? Don’t worry, this isn’t a political post (this is). Regardless of where you stand politically, we should all be able to agree that in the very least, he’s a leader both positionally and influentially.

2. Moses.
If leading 2 million people across the desert for 40 years doesn’t make you a leader then I don’t know what will.

3. Donald Trump.
Sing it with me... money, money, money, money... MONEY!. Leader for sure.

4. Jack Bauer.
For those of you who don’t know who Jack is, let me put it this way. He’s the only reason you’re here today. Jack = the single greatest defender of our national security and pretty much the universe. He’s kind of like Chuck Norris on crack (for the old timers). I probably shouldn’t say crack on my blog. Sorry.

5. Apostle Paul.
Dude’s dead and yet he still leads millions everyday. Awesome. Alright, one more. I think this one will really surprise you by the way.

6. You.
I know what you’re thinking. What? You kidding me? Me? on a list with Apostle Paul and the president? That's crazy right? No, its not.

Now I know this is hard to believe and you might not see it and people around you might not. But the truth is, you are a leader. You’re a leader.

I believe that ‘leadership thing’ is in everyone of us. I believe we were all made to lead something or someone.

Every single one of us.

But we somehow missed that memo and started to buy into this subtle lie that says you don’t have the rite of passage to leadership unless a large mass of someone(s) or something(s) is following you.

We started believing that leadership was determined by the (large) size of your platform.

I guess I understand where that comes from. Its easier to think of a guy like Moses to be a leader since he led millions. I get that.

What we fail to realize though is that the only reason a guy like Moses was able to lead millions in the first place was because a long time before, a woman named Jochebed was courageous enough to lead just one.

Jochebed was Moses’s mother. She didn’t write any books in the bible and you probably never heard of her but if she didn’t take initiative in leading her son when he was born, we wouldn’t have a Moses.

See, that’s the part of the story no one ever talks about.

Behind every great leader of many was or is a great leader of one. Or two. or ten.

These leaders might never win Time magazine’s person of the year award but in Gods story, they play as big a role as the guy in the limelight.

In Gods economy, a stay at home mom is just as much a leader as Billy Graham. Just like a computer engineer is just as accountable to leading from his 7th floor office as say a pastor is from leading from his pulpit.

Don’t minimize the influence God has given you.

You might not get to lead from a very big and public platform or you might. God determines that. He chooses who does what. To some he gives many and to others he gives a few.

Point is, everyone gets to play. Everyone gets to lead.

You are a leader and we need you to lead us.

Lead your church. Lead your kids. Lead your spouse. Lead your coworkers. Lead your band.
Lead your family. Leader your students. Lead your friends. Lead your church. Lead thousands. Lead one.

Just lead

Why don't you start by identifying what our sphere of influence is. Please don’t act like you’re not good at anything. That's not humility, its called being irresponsible.

So please, tell me...

Where, who or what has God called you to lead? Where has he given you influence?

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