Top 5 moments of the best Christmas of my life

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

What do you get when you add a toilet seat to a Nintendo DS, a crying girl, Jesus and setting my daughters hair on fire?

Best. Christmas. Ever. By a long shot. Here are the details.
Top five moments of the best Christmas of my life. Enjoy...

1. The Haitian screen: I was a little late to bebe’s 1st basketball game. First play I saw was her setting what I like to call ‘the haitian screen’ because it resulted in her opponent bouncing off her and going to the ground in tears. It was like she ran into a semi. I got it on video but I’m not sure I wanna post it cause you can hear my laughing in the background which is not very nice. I repent.

2. The DS response: It was only a DS and it only cost $150 but if you would have seen bebe’s response when she opened her last gift, you would have thought she won the lottery. Its the first time in months she’s struggled to find english words to express herself. I saw her face and I immediately lost it. I started crying. Then she started crying. Then mom started crying. I’ve never seen such intense gratitude. It was a powerful, powerful moment. God was glorified through a DS on Christmas morning. Amazing.

3. How date in a toilet seat: Took a survey last month on the worst gift I could get my wife. Lots of good ideas [fish balls, fart in a can, slim fast e.t.c] but for practicalities sake I went with a toilet seat, which is pretty bad but I had to mix things up. You see, every year for the past 5 years I give my wife a creative date gift for Christmas called ‘hot date in a ____’. First year was ‘hot date in a box’ [the whole date was in a box... movie, dinner, wine e.t.c]... Next year was ‘hot date in a Shrek’ [cut open a stuffed Shrek bear, stuffed it with date essentials then sewed it back]... then ‘hot date in a sock’ and ‘hot date in a birdhouse’. This year was ‘hot date in a toilet seat’ because if the ‘hot date’ was not a surprise, I wanted the ___ to be shocking. Toilet seats aren’t romantic but it was funny and she loved it.

4. Enjoying Jesus: I don’t know if its acceptable to brag about enjoying Jesus or not but i just have to say I enjoyed Jesus more in the month of december than I had all of 2010. It wasn’t because He was doing anything ‘for’ me and I wasn’t crying because of his gifts or blessings. No. My heart was freaking out because of him. Just him. Just sitting in his presence. Heart racing... Intense joy... Pure Delight. I was in love with Jesus. I tell you, nothing is better. Nothing.

5. Hair on fire: 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house [or Christmas eve service], Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; ... until my wife set bebe’s hair on fire. Seriously... Ashley set our daughters hair on fire during the candle lighting Christmas eve service. She claims it was an accident but no one really knows. All I know is i saw a huge flame and I immediately morphed into super hero mode. I got my chair, did a one handed back flip across the aisle and killed the fire with my bare hands. My BARE hands. I AM MAN! HEAR ME ROAR!

Again, best Christmas ever.
For a more detailed description of the hair burning experience or to see pics of ‘hot date in a toilet seat’, click here for my wife’s blog.

What was the best moment of your Christmas?
Also, moms, what is the worst thing you’ve ever accidentally done to your kid? [like dropping them/losing them in store e.t.c]. Please share so my wife doesn’t feel bad for setting bebe’s hair on fire.

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